A Salute to
Peter H.G. Morgan

On November 29, 2003, Morgan enthusiasts all over the world joined together and
simultaneously started their engines in a loving tribute to Mr. Peter H.G. Morgan.

"Say not in grief that he is no more, but in thankfulness that he was."


Photo - Imhof Markus


John H. Sheally II with Tim Hund

The MX-4 spun over a half revolution and fired sharply at 8 AM in a
memorial salute to Peter Morgan. Around the world simultaneously Morgan
engines fired off in unison in his memory. Tim Hund and I then jumped into
my trike and heading off for a run in the Virginia country side on a brisk
40 degree morning. The little V-Twin engine inhaled the crisp air as we
talked about our Across America Run of some 3500 plus miles in it to salute
the Morgan Motor Cars birthday. Tim and I had shared so much time in the
little machine. We had put the rear wheel in the Atlantic Ocean and then put
the front wheels in the Pacific Ocean at Los Angeles five and a half days
later to salute the marque. Today the ride was to salute PM.
Peter had loved us doing the adventure.
I reflected on Peter riding with me in the Blue Ridge Mountains of
Virginia in this little three-wheeler and saying "John, these soft Virginia
mountains remind me of the Malvern Hills of home. even the haze seems the same.
As Tim and I rolled up the miles in the sweet Virginia breeze on this
homage to PM's memory I couldn't keep my eyes from glancing at Peter's
signature on the wooden facia just beyond the spokes of the steering wheel.
Peter had signed it for me as it sat proudly on the banquet room floor in
Malvern, Pa. It had won Best Of Show there at the 25th anniversary of MCCDC.
Peter was our Guest of Honor and he was all smiles as he applied his name to
this sweet machine created by his father H.F.S. Morgan. Peter was also
reflecting on the momories of his Father of which he often spoke fondly of.
What a day this 29th of November 2003. A great ride with my best friend
Tim Hund, a warm breakfast at Smithfield Station, the smell of good hot
coffee and then back on the road in the trike inhaling the aroma of bean oil
whiffing from that V-Twin Matchless engine and watching the flicking of
those exposed valves along with the pop-pop of the pipes sounding off and
the memories of a true gentleman, Peter H. G. Morgan.
As his wife, Heather said, "MAY HE RISE IN GLORY"
We all around the world thank you for the wonderful Morgan motor cars
that you left us with and the kindness that you also gave.
God bless you Sir.
Sincerely, John H. Sheally II


Lance Lipscomb in Atlanta, Georgia


I turned the key on the second creation of R9459 at 8:00AM and fired it up.
It was an amazing experience with the thought of so many doing the same in so many places.
I thank Peter Morgan for that moment along with the many he provided me and mine.
The keys to the first R9459 are at his disposal now..... may his road go on forever.
- Lorne
The garage with the house
on the Point on Grand Lac Caribou
Mont Tremblant, Quebec


Heading out this morning to Lake Castaic with many wonderful thoughts of PM.
Thank you Peter.
- Dennis Glavis

The photos below were taken at the memorial service for Peter Morgan.

Photos courtesy of Richard Norman

Above photos - Richard Norman

Photos below - Traci Murphy

Here are some pictures taken at the TexMog's gathering today.
We all started our cars at 7am Central time on our own, then met for breakfast afterwards.
We had 7 cars and 14 people join us on this bright, chilly Texas morning.
- Traci Murphy


Have just returned from a brisk drive to Salute PM with Vince, a fellow Morganist. 
Thought a few minutes of reflection above the Hudson River would be appropriate.
We are all very fortunate, God bless you, PM.
- Jim Nichol


Photo - Dave Bondon


Photo - Roger Burtenshaw

In Johannesburg on Saturday at 3pm local time, 8 Morgans
started their engines for a tribute to Peter Morgan.
The venue was at a shopping centre, aptly named Peter Place.
We then drank Gin and Tonics and toasted Peter.
Best regards
South Africa


Taken at 8 am on Saturday, Nov 29 in Toronto... It had snowed the night before, temp zero C (32 F).
The Beast Started and the tribute run was about 15 minutes...great to be out and to think that Peter enjoyed the ride.
- Vern Dale-Johnson


Photo of Peter Morgan by Chas Wasser

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