The +8 Prototype



A first place win for Bill Fink in 1979 (Photo by George Rose for the L.A. Times)

Photos of Bill Fink (above) and Bill with Maurice Owen (below) provided by Jeff Smith.

Bill Fink with Maurice Owen


Miss December

Bill Fink photographed by Bob Dunsmore.





Keith Baldwin takes a turn on the track.


Maurice Owen. Photo courtesy of John H. Sheally II.

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“Oh, how I cling to every curve

Wondering how they found the nerve

To clip this pair of loyal wings

That always caused my heart to sing.

How cruel that I should live to see

The end of what has come to be

My one true love, my constant mate

My steadfast, fine and true Plus 8.”

- by Tcherek Kamstra

(Dedicated to her stepdad Bill Fink & Plus 8 Owners Everywhere)